We will still be rounding up students for Pre-K/Headstart/Kindergarten.  This year, due to the shutdown, we will be leaving the forms in a box marked "Pick-up" in the foyer as well as posting them digitally for you to print out on our Facebook and Webpage.  Once you have the documents filled out, you may drop them off one of the following ways-

1.  If able, take a pic of your completed documents and send to Mrs. Carrie's email address that is provided on the letter.
2. There will be a box that says "Drop-off" in the foyer.  Please only drop your child's form off on Mon-Fri 8 AM-11 AM.  It is important that you only drop off during these times, as there will be someone here to retrieve it.  The documents will have sensitive information and should not be left during any other time.
2.  If you will already be coming through the breakfast and lunch pickup out back, you may drop it off with them. 
*When picking up or dropping off here at the school, please honor all social distancing rules.  If there is already someone in the foyer, please wait until they exit to retrieve or drop yours off.  Thank you!

Headstart forms

Pre-K/Kindergarten forms


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Important Announcement from the Martin's Mill ISD

After watching the COVID-19 situation develop over the last few days, the Martin's Mill School has determined that regular school operations for students will be suspended for an undetermined amount of time.  However, instructional materials and support, as well as food service, will continue to be available next week and in the weeks ahead.  There will be information about our adjusted operations on Friday evening and I will be giving updated information each Friday after that time.  Any reopening dates will be communicated through our Friday updates.  Again, we appreciate your understanding and support as we move forward.
 Blessings to you all, 
James Oliver, Superintendent
Martin's Mill ISD


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