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Dear Martin’s Mill Mustang Family, 

On behalf of my amazing family at home, thank you for the immense honor I have been blessed with to lead this tremendous school.  As a native of Van Zandt County, I am humbled to be “home”.  I am a believer in being invested in the work, and to be successful in that a person must invest in people.  The sky is truly the limit here at MMISD and I am the type of leader who believes in celebrating successes.  It takes a team to be successful, and I am hopeful to build a culture of teamwork and “maroon investment” that is unrivaled.  

The door is always open and we are here to listen.  More importantly, we are here to maintain our focus on the overall mission which is to “max out” the experience for kids across all ages and programs.  

Help me turn these Mustangs loose and watch them run!!!!


Scott Tyner, Superintendent

Alex, Ali, Aidan, Scott, and Andrew Tyner