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Elementary Counselor's Corner


Thank you for visiting the Martin’s Mill Elementary Counseling Center web page.  I hope you will find the information here helpful and useful.


Mission Statement

The mission of the School Counseling Program at Martin's Mill Elementary is to support the school community by developing and integrating a comprehensive guidance program that will assist students in academic, career and personal/social programs and support initiatives of equity and inclusion on our campus and in our community. This will allow children to develop a positive sense of self and become effective students, responsible citizens and lifelong learners.


Counseling Services

My role as school counselor

My main focus is to assist your child in becoming the most successful well-adjusted person he/she can be academically and emotionally.

This is achieved through:

*teaching classroom guidance lessons weekly preK-6th grade

*Facilitating short-term small group counseling based on needs of students

*providing immediate and short-term individual counseling based on individual needs

*working collaboratively with teachers, staff and administration

*consulting with parents

*providing information and/or referrals for community resources to families
*being an advocate for students, staff and families


My philosophy is that all students deserve respect, and should feel valued. I should be their biggest supporter and advocate to meet their needs : physical, academic and emotional. My focus should be on forming relationships with the students and their families. I believe all students can learn and learn best when their basic needs are met.